Air Conditioning Maintenance

Central Air Conditioner Maintenance

According to the U.S. Department of Energy estimates the average air conditioner in Tampa Florida operates 3068 hours annually. In automotive terms, a vehicle running at 35 MPH for 3068 consecutive hours will travel more than 100,000 miles. You wouldn’t consider driving your car 100,000 miles without changing the oil, and the same logic holds true for your home’s air conditioning system. Just like a tune-up on your vehicle can improve reliability and gas mileage. The best way to ensure peak performance and problem-free operation from your air conditioner is to have a regularly scheduled maintenance’s performed at the beginning of each season. The DOE also estimates nearly half of a home’s energy consumption goes toward the heating and cooling. So making smart decisions about your home’s air conditioning system can have a significant effect on your utility bills.

Our Maintenance Plans

Bloomingdale Air offers affordable plans, regularly scheduled inspections, and discounts on services should any problems arise.

$99 Precision Tune-Up (20-Point)

This thorough examination of your home’s heating and cooling system will provide notice and clarification of potential issues or repairs that may be needed. We’ll also assess the safety, energy efficiency and the expected lifespan of the homes HVAC system. It’s the perfect choice for a prospective buyer or anyone wanting to know the current condition and efficiency of a home’s air conditioning equipment.

  • 20-Point Checklist
  • 1.  Check system for a proper refrigerant charge.
  • 2.  Check compressor operation and amperage.
  • 3.  Check condenser fan motor operation and amperage.
  • 4.  Verify operation and condition of the contactor.
  • 5.  Inspect and test start and run capacitors.
  • 6.  Inspect and tighten electrical connections.
  • 7.  Brush out the electrical box
  • 8.  Check all valve caps and/or seals for proper fit.
  • 9.   Verify thermostat operation and temperature calibration.
  • 10.  Inspect blower assembly operation, lubricate and adjust.
  • 11.  Inspect blower wheel for a buildup of dirt and debris.
  • 12.  Inspect indoor evaporator coil for a buildup of dirt and debris.
  • 13.  Check heating system, circuit components, and safeties.
  • 14.  Check the reversing valve and solenoid operation.
  • 15.  Lubricate all moving parts where applicable.
  • 16.  Vacuum and flush condensate drain pan and drain line.
  • 17.  Verify proper float switch operation.
  • 18.  Clean exterior of equipment.
  • 19.  Change and/or wash air filters. (customer provided)
  • 20.  Verify proper performance, temperature drop, and report necessary improvements.

$129 Precision Plus Tune-Up (30-Point)

This Multi-step inspection and cleaning process is designed to provide a complete seasonal heating or cooling system maintenance solution.

  • 30-Point Checklist
  • 21.  Clean vegetation from within and around the outdoor unit.
  • 22.  Check the outdoor unit for level and stabilize foundation if required.
  • 23.  Chemically clean the condenser coil for improved heat transfer.
  • 24.  Clean the condensate drain line with liquid drain opener.
  • 25.  Treat condensate drain pan with a biocide to reduce bacteria growth.
  • 26.  Treat evaporator coil with an antifouling disinfectant cleaner.
  • 27.  Clean and treat mold growth air handler with sanitizing cleaner.
  • 28.  Treat air handler with organic odor neutralizing spray.
  • 29.  Check plenums for air leaks and seal if required.
  • 30.  Clean and/or dust return air grilles.

Annual Savings Agreements

Our annual maintenance agreements offer all the services described above in a deal designed to reward our faithful customers. Each Annual Savings Agreement includes, (2) visits annually of either our Precision Tune-Up or Precision Plus Tune-Up along with the following additional benefits.

  • $149 Bronze Package

  • –  Two 20-Point Precision tune-ups.
  • –  Priority service scheduling.
  • –  10% discount on any repair.
  • $179 Silver Package

  • –  One 20-Point Precision tune-ups.
  • –  One 30-Point Precision tune-ups.
  • –  Priority service scheduling.
  • –  10% discount on any repair.
  • $209 Gold Package

  • –  Two 30-Point Precision tune-ups.
  • –  Priority service scheduling.
  • –  10% discount on any repair.
  • *All pricing based on single system agreements

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